About Us

Founded in 2008 by several of the nation’s leading credit unions and credit union service organizations (CUSOs), CU Student Choice works in partnership with credit unions to deliver innovative solutions that help members responsibly overcome the increasing challenge of higher education affordability. With cooperation and a keen focus on the future, the CUSO’s programs have allowed hundreds of credit unions to deliver fair‐value private education and refinance loans with corresponding financial education to more than 100,000 families.    

Different By Design

Since day one, Student Choice has been focused on much more than just pumping out as many student loans as possible. Through a collaborative approach, we develop innovative solutions that emphasize member value. Our holistic solutions help credit unions empower the next generation of members for life-long success. And with a philosophy rooted in credit union values, we facilitate responsible lending that leads to better financial decisions, long-term relationships, and sustainable, high-quality loan assets.

Our Owners

Board of Directors

Kathy Duvall, Board Chair

President & CEO

SF Fire Credit Union

Tom Gandre

Executive Vice President & COO


Jon Jeffreys

President & CEO

Callahan & Associates

Andrea Mosher

Chief Lending Officer, SVP
Desert Financial Credit Union

Scott Patterson

President & CEO

Credit Union Student Choice

Craig Roy

Senior Vice President, Retail Lending
Digital Federal Credit Union

Brian Volkmann

Executive Vice President & CFO

Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Our Executive Team

Scott Patterson | President & CEO

Scott is an original founder of Student Choice and formerly served as the CUSO's Executive Vice President before ascending to the role of President/CEO. He has more than 24 years of experience in the credit union industry, including more than 16 years at Callahan & Associates. 

Brad Bowland | Chief Credit Officer & SVP

A seasoned risk analyst and advisor, Brad has earned a reputation for integrating sound risk-management principles to achieve business growth and profitability goals. Prior to joining Student Choice, Brad spent 12 years at Wells Fargo Bank, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Portfolio Risk Management. 

Jim Holt | Chief Development Officer & SVP

Jim combines his more than 30 years of lending and financial experience to help credit unions learn about, and successfully enter, the private student lending market. Before joining Student Choice, Jim held leadership positions at Overture Technologies; Citibank's Student Loan Corporation; and Sallie Mae. 

Melissa Hunt | Chief Operations Officer & SVP

Melissa uses her vast experience to ensure all systems, and people, are running smoothly. Prior to joining Student Choice in 2008, Melissa spent almost 18 years in the credit union industry working at Smart Financial CU in Houston, TX, and Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union in Tampa, FL.

Mike Weber | Chief Marketing Officer & SVP

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Mike builds awareness of Student Choice within the credit union industry and also works directly with client credit unions to help them grow their program. Before joining Student Choice in 2008, Mike spent 9 years at Dupaco Community CU in Dubuque, IA.

Our Credit Union Partners

As our name indicates, Student Choice was founded by credit unions, for credit unions. From our 11 owner credit unions to our nearly 300 partners across the country, families can find a local, not-for-profit lender for their higher education funding needs.

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